Monday, November 19, 2007

I Hope Skiles Has The 'Energy' For Some 'Spacing'

Because I'm already tired of Adrian Griffin starting, and mass substitutions finishing. This sounds like the promising start of a bloggy overreaction, but I'm not the guy who played Adrian Griffin and Thomas Gardner at the same time last night. In the second quarter to boot! I'm usually detached from the pitfalls of what the sports business crowd call a third party experience, but the embarrassment is starting to creep in, and it wouldn't be there if the Bulls could at least lose with their best players on the court.

If you thought Deng's injury would open up some minutes for Tyrus Thomas, you were wrong. 13 minutes and 43 seconds exclusively in the second half, after the Lakers had assumed complete control of the game.

The season looks like a wash. Whether the Bulls end up in the playoffs or not, Skiles' shenanigans will continue to turn too many games into exercises in futility. I'd prefer a coach who can be blamed for losing games differently.


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