Thursday, November 15, 2007

Slow Motion Breakdown of Simmons' BS

I'll start with this gem, "Paxson should have kept Tyson Chandler instead of signing Wallace."

While we'd all like to take back the Wallace signing about now, here's a few reasons it made sense to get rid of Chandler-

1. Chandler was done in Chicago. Many times players need a new start, and the bad energy from Bulls fans towards Chandler was palpable. "We Want Kobe" is mild compared to what we could have heard if Chandler stuck around.

2. Big Ben brought playoff experience to the Bulls. You've got to
mix in some tried and true vets with youngsters if you want to make a playoff run.

3. Shaq. At the time of the trade, everyone thought the Heat were going to be the team to beat.
Wallace can still play Shaq or other true centers much better than the foul-prone Chandler ever did.

4. Chandler's back problems may be a thing of the past now, but after missing most of the '03-'04 season they were still lingering at the time of the trade.

Please pile on.


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