Friday, November 16, 2007

Players Chime In On Skiles' Crazy Lineups

Nocioni sells me his South of the Border Spicy Hustle Sauce (from Sam Smith).
"If I am in the starting lineup, [it] is not good," Nocioni said. "[It means] we lost too many games and the coach needs to change. It is not good. I want to play coming from the bench."
I'll take 10!

Ben Wallace was predictably surly, and offered Tracy Graven of Hoopsworld a quote the people in my Vocabuwiden class would probably hang an adjective like saturnine on. Via Matt Watson of the female blogger friendly Fanhouse (must be affirmative action that's screwing it up, next thing you know an icky disabled person from an impoverished area will be blogging over there).
"It's tough sitting on that sideline watching my teammates get beat up," lamented the former repeat Defensive Player of the Year. "If I can't go out there and help my team get stops down the stretch, then why am I here? Why don't we just go on to the house ... pack it up?"
Too bad Wallace has said that before in Detroit. Too bad he hasn't played well this season. Too bad his first double digit rebounding effort came against a team that doesn't rebound well. Too bad a guy who doesn't have a problem telling reporters he's considering giving up is signed through 2010.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Scott Skiles sounds like a racist trying to bait Tyrus Thomas into being the fall guy. Blacks are lazy...where have I heard that one before. Skiles needs a scapegoat and it looks like Thomas is it. How else will he cover up his coaching inadequacies. Now I understand why the players had him kicked out of Phoenix. Scott Skiles/Doug Collins are interchangable. Both are a pain in the rear.

4:20 AM  

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