Saturday, March 17, 2007

A Weak Week

Sorry for the lack of posting lately. It was a Work Week From Hell, and I've spent the last two days recovering on my couch in front of the Tourney (which was decisively more awesome today.) It seems like it's been a weird week for the Bulls too. I caught Tuesday's game live at the UC and it wasn't just the new extra-revenue-generating jerseys that were uninspired (Ty's 33 or so alley-oop dunks, notwithstanding). Missed the Philly game completely, but it seems like the same (shitty play, but a win) was true there; and then I missed all but the last two minutes of tonight's loss in Memphis, where the Bulls furiously battled back to almost hide what I assume must have been another piss-poor showing behind yet another W. So I ask those of you who may have caught all of these games: What's been the problem?

A few other random thoughts:

**Ty has been really something lately and I guess there's been rumblings of him becoming a starter. I'm sure Skiles reads this blog regularly and factors its kindly imparted wisdom into his decisions, so let me just say this: I'd keep him on the bench at least until Noce comes back healthy. Right now, he's the only one giving us any type of lift on a regular basis. Griff, Du and Thabo are all capable of giving us a lift, but they're too inconsistent. It's a cliche, but Ty is giving us energy consistently and it seems to me like he's starting to harness it much, much better. The other night he had a sick dunk, and then got a steal, but when the breakaway wasn't there, he actually pulled up instead of just forcing the issue like some excitable teenager about to touch his first boobie. It was a very good sign: When he starts regularly picking his spots with his freak-ocity--as opposed to just letting it rip full bore--he could be Stoudemire scary.

**Whoa, what is up with the Heat? Shaq being revived is one thing. He didn't play for the first 4 months and, y'know, he's still fucking Shaq. But Shaq, Eddie Jones, Antoine Walker and Gary Payton?! As I told my friend from South Florida last night, it's like fucking Cocoon down there!!!

I don't think their run is going to effect the Bulls too much, though. Despite this weird week, I still expect them to finish with a better record than the Heat, and I don't think we're going to be catching Cleveland for the 2nd spot the way that they've been playing lately. So that still leave us as the 5th seed, hopefully with home court against Toronto in the first round. It would be nice getting the 2 seed, as that would mean feasting on a plummeting Pacers team (right now at any rate; the way they're going, they could be lottery-bound), but again, I just don't see it happenin'.


Blogger Big Sweet said...

Cocoon. What a reference.

Tyrus seems to be coming around, which is good, because it's about the time Skiles was counting on. Let's hope he sustains his good play.

10:39 PM  
Blogger rocco said...

The Heat's streak ends, sadly for the lone Heat fan here (me).

By the way, Cocoon's still funny.

Also, Pitt is two wins from making me and all of western Pennsylvania rich beyond our wildest dreams.

2:56 PM  

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