Saturday, March 17, 2007

Passing thoughts

I've been busy and I haven't watched many games (nor have I gotten them on WGN or national broadcasts) so the posts have been light. But I watched a little tonight, so here are a few Bulls/basketball-related musings.

-Terrible fourth, but I suppose that's going to happen. You just hate to see it happen against a team as shitty as the Grizz. I blame it on the hideous jerseys.

-Via to the Sun-Times, the Bulls have allowed the second-lowest field-goal percentage (43.5) in the NBA, and their 94.26 points allowed per game is sixth-lowest in the league. Do those stat surpise anybody else? It just seems like the d hasn't been nearly as solid this season -- in stretches at least -- as it has the last two years.

-For all the talk of Wallace's improving play as the playoffs come closer, I wonder how much of a liabilty his free throw shooting is going to be.

-Winthrop will beat Oregon and Wisco. Mark it, Dude.

-The good teams in the East seem to be distancing themselves from the pack. The Bulls have been playing solid ball since the break, Cleveland has won eight straight, Miami nine (sans Wade) and the Pistons five, all out West. I don't think Detroit will knock off the Mavs tomorrow, especially with Chauncey out, but the roadie out to Cal-ee-for-neee-aa was impressive. The folks over at MGoBlog have a long post about the Pistons not missing Ben, which we will have to revisit during the playoffs.

-My eight Elite Eight teams are still kicking. Are yours?


Blogger BenGo07 said...

Winthrop will not beat the Wis, because the Wis aren't getting by UNLV tomorrow. But Winthrop will beat UNLV, for the privilege of getting their touching Cinderella story torn to shreds by Florida.

Got to go the UC yesterday (Friday night) for the games. Free tickets, but it was still something of a let down. Watching Kansas bat around Winthrop like some bored cat playing with a ball wasn't fun; and Scottie Reynolds just played horribly for Nova, forcing me to endure a bunch of elated rednecks. I hope your boy dunks all over Morris tomorrow.

12:20 AM  
Blogger BenGo07 said...

Obviously, Kansas batted around Niagra, not Winthrop.

12:28 AM  

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