Saturday, March 10, 2007

Tourney goodness

I'm giddy with the news that Chauncey might ditch Detroit and relocate to his hometown out west, but it's hard to concentrate on the NBA this weekend with the Bullies off and the conference tourneys winding up.

My pre-bracket final four predictions (which are mostly chalk) . . .

UCLA-Even with the early Pac-10 exit, the Bruins are a solid defensive club (led by Afflalo) with experience and Collison has played great ball all year.

Florida-I just can't pick against these guys. Yeah, the LSU loss was brutal, but Vandy has a good team and a silly gym and they lost to KU in a "nuetral" but heavily-leaning Jayhawk gym. Let's not forget the dismantling of Ohio State, their run through the SEC tourney and , oh yeah, their title.

Georgetown-Jeff Green is unreal, Hibbert is a load inside and Wallace is under-appreciated at the point. This team is well-coached and they rarely give up leads because of their discipline and field goal percentage (seventh in the land).

Ohio State-You win in the tourney because of guard play and that is exactly why the Fuckeyes are so dangerous. Conley, Cook and Lewis make Oden unstoppable because it's tough to throw a double-team down there. I feel dirty picking this team.

Close calls
UNC-Only GU and UF have better front lines, but I don't trust Lawson quite yet.
Kansas-Brandon Rush with KILL the Jayhawks at one point in the tourney. Mark my words.
Wisky-Same with Kam "Pootietang" Taylor.
TAMU-Law is money but call it quits when Jones gets in foul trouble (which he will at least once).
Memphis-Not enough big game experience.

Who is going to cut down them nets?


Anonymous Paxson Jackson said...

Pre-Tourney Greatness: Tim Floyd getting clowned by Oregon.

9:59 AM  
Blogger BenGo07 said...

I don't know if they can do it again, but Florida looked GOOD in the SEC tourney: They never trailed for a second in any of the three games and their average margin of victory was more than 20 points. Those are good signs.

That said, I am scared to death of G'Town. They're the only team that threatened Florida at all last year and were it not for a ridiculous Corey Brewer shot with under 20 seconds left, they might've been the champs last year. Green is just nasty.

I'm not impressed with UCLA as I think the Pac 10 is garbage. I guess Ohio State's been hot, but they just got walloped by UF in December. Conley's nice and Oden deserves every minute of coverage he gets, but I can see them going down. The Big 10 was down this year too.

For my other two, I'll go with Acie and the Aggies and I like Kansas as well. UNC could be there, too. I don't know what doubts you have about Lawson; He and Wright are the only two players I repsect on that squad. Watching Hansborough today, I understand a lot more why that Dukie clobbered him. Kid is dirty.

My upset special? Watch out for my sister's alma mater, Davidson. Dell Curry's son is an incredible shooter and the second-leading freshman scorer in the country, behind Durant, at 21 ppg. And their bigs can all step out, hit the jumper and/or put the ball on the floor. A very dangerous team. I also wouldn't want to face Wright St. either. They just gave Loyola fits this year and their point guard is a total bad ass.

2:56 PM  
Blogger CoachSkiles said...

Quick thoughts -

Ohio St. doesn't make good decisions in their half-court offense. If they face a team that can control the tempo, they'll sturggle as they did against Purdue. On D, Oden rotates over and blocks a lot of shots, but when he doesn't get the ball, it leaves a lot of offensive rebounds to be had, again the Purdue game.

I think the Aggies will take 'em out.

9:26 PM  
Blogger rocco said...

My final four - Florida, UNC, OSU, and Pitt as my wild card. I like their bracket.

To be honest, Kansas didn't impress me against KSU, or against Texas, which has 1 great player and a couple decent players, and really should have won the championship game (and I'm not just bitter...would love to see UT take down UNC, but I don't see it).

Also in the bias category, I think Villanova has it in them to make it to the 16.

11:10 PM  
Blogger BenGo07 said...

Now that the brackets are out, I'll go with Florida, G'Town, Ohio State (I'm hedgin on A&M now) and (what the hey) the Salukis. I'm worried now about my two sleepers, as I don't think Wright St. matches up well with Pitt, particularly if Gray plays well. But there's no way Pitt's making it to the Final Four. If DeShaun Wood doesn't bounce them, then I say VCU will in the 2nd round.

5:57 PM  
Blogger rocco said...

I'm sticking with Pitt, if for no other reason that NO ONE else has them going, positioning me firmly as genius or fool, a gamble I'm willing to take.

But seriously, I think they're tougher than UCLA. Going 12-4 in the Beast this year was no easy task. And I think 'Nova has a good shot of knocking out KU, leaving a Big East match-up in the Elite 8.

1:05 PM  

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