Sunday, February 25, 2007

Race to the finish ...

Here’s my take on how the East will end up.

1. Pistons

Damn Webber was doggin’ it in Philly.

2. Toronto

Andrea can play and T.J. is a nice fit in Coangelo’s system. Toronto is gonna be sick next year; they have tons of cap space, if they sign an elite 2 or 3 watch out.

3. Bulls

I want Ty to get more minutes.

4. Cavs

Eric Snow has made zero, 3’s this year.

5. Wiz


6. Pacers

Bengo07 is going to post a very funny photo of Dunleavy Jr. as part of our playoff preview.

7. Heat

I hope Wade can come back, it’s not fair if the champs get killed in the first round without him.


It really pains me to put them in the playoffs, but Orlando has sucked the last two months and
NJ just has too many injuries. Regarding some people saying maybe the Bulls didn’t get the best part of the Curry trade, you’re wrong. Curry was done in Chicago, they had to trade him.

Anyone else want to put up their predictions?


Blogger BenGo07 said...

For starters, the Wiz cannot be out of the top four, unless they get passed by either Orlando or Miami. I'd say it'll go something like this:

1) Detroit
2) Chicago
3) Wizards
4) Toronto
5) Cavs
6) Indiana
7) Miami
8) Orlando (although possibly, and I hate to say this, the Knicks)

I haven't looked at the schedules, but I just can't see Toronto surging up to the second spot. I'm assuming the Wiz are going to continue to struggle somewhat without Jamison and I think the Cavs are plain awful. Indiana will continue to play a hair's breadth over .500 ball. The Heat have enough to make the playoffs (at least in the East) without Wade, but if he decides to get surgery, they're a Dead Team Walking come playoff time. (If not, they might be the favorite to come out of the East.) Orlando is plummeting and the Knicks get to fatten up some more on the Atlantic, the NBA's answer to the NFC North. I think those two teams will go down to the wire.

7:06 PM  
Blogger Big Sweet said...

I'm so underwhelmed by the East that this exercise is a little tricky. But here goes nothing.

1) Detroit (Sadly. I can't believe we gave up that game today. 21 offensive boards?!? They only had 20 on the defensive end!)

2) Chicago (I'm not convinced that we have the horses, but we have the least amount of question marks.)

3) Toronto (Frankly, I haven't seen much of the Raptors this year, which gives me less reason to think that they suck.)

4) Washington (Agent Weirdo is good for a few wins but they miss Jamison. And they play NO d.

5) Cleveland (I smell a first round exit.)

6) Indiana (Their guards blow.)

7) Miami (They are probably better than the above two or three teams, but they have a few games to make up and won't get it done without Wade.)

8) New Jersey (If the Kidd injury i real bad, then Orlando or NY might sneak in, but they look better to me than the rest.)

8:03 PM  

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