Sunday, February 25, 2007

He Wrote It So I Don't Have To

Yglesias pretty much writes exactly what I was planning to about Simmons' bitching about Pax not pulling the trigger on a Gasol deal. He makes all the right points:

Simmons is asking Chicago to make a big sacrifice of its future -- the very good and very young Deng, a young project in Thomas, a high draft pick, and they'd need to throw in PJ Brown's expiring contract -- in order to improve rather marginally this season. What's more, they'd be eliminating their shot at landing Kevin Garnett if the Timberwolves decide they want to blow things up in the offseason.

We here at TYI have already firmly established that, when it comes to the Bulls, Simmons knows dick, but still, pretty smart, for a Weirdo fan.


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