Thursday, February 15, 2007

Gasol-less trade option

Well, it's the break and we now find ourselves in fourth place in the Central. Remember all of the joy and optimism emanating from the Bulls blogosphere after that win over Dallas (who have now won 30 of 32)? Gone. Nowhere to be seen. I'm bumming. So that's why this Southtown article interested me.

If the Bulls are unable to pull off a blockbuster deal for a star big man such as Pau Gasol, then they may want to inquire about Washington Wizards forward-center Etan Thomas if they haven't already.

General manager John Paxson is known to like Thomas, who may be dealt after an altercation with teammate Brendan Hayward at practice recently.

Now, I've always been a Thomas fan, and not just because of his political leanings (although, that probably plays a factor). Thomas plays with passion, can defend, and is underrated in the post in my opinion. He's not the go-to scorer that we might need, but then again, neither is Duhon, so improving our interior scoring could give us a little more consistency down the stretch run.

Why Washington management values Haywood over Etan is confusing, as Yglesias continually points out. I know, I know, Haywood is seven feet tall. BUT, he's only averging one more point and one more rebound per game in five more minutes, plus the folks in DC love Thomas. Neither of their contracts are good, but they are similar in cash and identical in years. Am I just desperate for a change or would this be worth a look?


Blogger BenGo07 said...

I think we're kind of kidding ourselves if we think Etan Thomas is the kind of player who can provide us the spark that this team appears to need. He's a good backup--but he's a backup.

If we don't think the Bulls can win without a post player, then we should go for Gasol. I'm not positive that's the case, and I don't think we should mortgage our future for success this year, but if you think we need to make a trade, then make a real one, and not a (at best) stop game measure.

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