Sunday, February 11, 2007

Lazy Sunday Links

I've meaning to link to this guy for over a week now. For starters, he backs Brother Rex and makes some pretty persuasive arguments in doing so. And this post reminded me why I don't care if Ty Thomas doesn't speak to the press. And even when I'd say dwil overstates his argument--- like, at times, in this overall fantastic post---he's an interesting read. Show him some love.

Also, I wanted to give some love to the latest Silver Bird post at Free Darko. It would be hilarious to see a similar graph for the Bulls' road losses this year and see just how precisely right 1958ChiTown is.

Anyone know if Nash is playing tonight? I sure hope not.


Anonymous D-Wil said...

Thanks for the props, fellas.... I just put y'all on my "list of sites to read (Blogroll)" on my blog....


2:00 PM  

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