Saturday, February 03, 2007

Central Division Friday

Great win for the Bulls tonight. I caught most of the second half after getting back from the Pistons-Bucks game in Auburn Hills. A few ramblings.

**Andrew Bogut is the real deal. He's strong with both hands, has great vision and can step out and hit the 15-footer. He's also way bigger/stronger than I thought he was.

**Webber made NO impact, mainly because Bogut twerked him for the entire first half. He literally played about three minutes in the second half. There were a considerable amount of #84 jerseys in the stands, though.

**The Bucks miss Redd like crazy. Boykins played a huge amount, which spells trouble because he's such a defensive liability. Every time the Pistons needed a big basket, they isolated Chauncey on the block and he abused Earl.

**The Pistons were wholly unimpressive. No energy on the floor or in the crowd. The Bulls can take them. I'm convinced.

As for the Bulls, it was nice to see them close out a game on the road. PJ was great in the fourth and they didn't make the major mistakes that have killed them in earlier contests. Let's hope it carries over to tomorrow night.


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