Thursday, January 25, 2007

Hey CoachSkiles

This is why I think you're an idiot. (See post below.)

You're not alone, though. Over at his place, Yglesias has a post where he says "Chicago's offense isn't middling because it's all from the perimeter, it's middling just because it's middling -- Ben Gordon is no Gilbert Arenas."

I'd agree, but not in the way Yglesias thinks. Check out the Weird One's stats, in particular, his third year: 19.6 ppg, in 37 minutes. Now check out Ben's, particularly this year, his third: 21.1 ppg in 31 minutes. (And please note that Ben's FG percentage is 6 points higher.)

Ben Gordon may not be Agent Weirdo yet. But at the same point in his career, the Weird-O wasn't yet Ben Gordon.


Blogger Hot Shit College Student said...

I don't read Yglesias. I don't know what eponymous means, and I suspect he spent a half hour on the can flipping through a thesaurus and pondering how to describe his blog when that thought struck. I do know basing an argument from Wages of Wins is pretty bogus. Feel free to correct me on everything but the Wages of Wins stuff. And speaking of blogs (and if you had an email address I wouldn't have to put this in a comment), have you clicked through my Bulls blog yet?

12:06 AM  
Blogger Sean G. said...

BG solidified himself as an untradeable star of this team last night. The guy is barely 6-3 and can rise up and shoot over taller gaurds. I think Doug Collins made a rare stupid comment by saying the Bulls need to make a decision of whether Gordon should come off the bench or not after showing a stat that said the Bulls only had 13 bench points. What difference does it make if he starts and scores 30 or comes off the bench and scores 30? I could care less about our bench scoring statistic. This guy needs to start games and get some shots up early. Among the top 20 scorers in the NBA Gordon is 17th in PPG and out of that group of 20 he is 19th in field goal attempts per game with 15.8. Last night he took 23 shots (surprisingly only one three) and shot 52% from the field and we won. On Monday at Indiana we lost by 7 and Gordon was 11-18. If he shoots 6 more times and goes 4 of 6 we win that ball game. I know that is really hypothetical but I think it would be ridiculous to trade Gordon for any big man right now especially since he's only 23. Skiles needs to tell him to shoot more. Especially shots like he did last night when he was breaking down the D and rising up for a mid-range jumper.

9:58 AM  
Blogger Big Sweet said...

I caught Matt's post too and thought that his characterization of the Bulls as a team was a little misguided. The Bulls offense is far from middling; they are fourth in the East in scoring and first in differential. And it's not like the Arenas-led Wizards are a suitable standard-bearer. The Bulls are essentially a half-game behind them and they play in a much tougher division. I do think we should get Pax to simulate high altitudes in the Berto Center, though.

11:47 AM  
Blogger BenGo07 said...

HSCS--Yglesias is cool, particularly on foreign policy. He's just a Wizards fan, and so flows naturally into the blogophsere's affair with all things Weird-O. The backlash starts here.

I've got a post in the hopper on WoW. You will not be corrected.

Just checked out your blog. Fun stuff. When I'm not feeling so lazy, I'll link to you. Might get you 1, maybe 2 more readers.

Sean G--Excellent points all, although I disagree that Skiles needs to tell him to shoot more. The Bulls play better when they swing the ball, and get open shots for Deng, Noce and Kirk, as well as Ben. More shots doesn't necessarily mean better ones. Anyway, as Ben matures, he'll probably find a way to take more.

Sweets--Exactly. If the Bulls do have offensive problems, they usualy stem from turnovers. (At times, they go cold from outside, but that happens to every team. See Dallas; last night.)

4:23 PM  
Blogger Hot Shit College Student said...

To make it clear, I wasn't looking for linkage. My intent was only to share Bulls info (again, ever heard of email?). Thanks for the future possibility of a link, and the read though.

Maybe one day I'll read Yglesias, although I am scared of poli-blogs. I prefer the pre-Lusitania days of xenophobia.

2:37 PM  
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