Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Sam Smith has made us all crazy!!!

Can we use some logic when discussing trade deals! Please.

Things we know about a possible swap for Gasol.

1. The Grizz want a guard.

2. The Bulls will not give up Ben and Deng.

3. Expiring contracts, picks and young players are the key to rebuilding.

4. The Bulls can't trade their '07 first rounder.

Noce seems to make a lot of sense at first, but he'll be a free agent at the end of the year, he's banged up and the Grizz are strongest at the 3/4 positions with Warrick, Gay, and Swift.

I have to think that P.J. will be included in a swap. He's a big expirer, and if the Bulls add Gasol there are too many guys at the 4/5.

So P.J. and ...

Gordon. I hate to give him away, but we can't add Gasol with dumping one of our core guys. Adding 12 million to the payroll and signing Deng and Noce is gonna be hard, but it doesn't make sense to keep the core for this year and not be able to re-sign them all.

So let's say P.J. and Ben for Gasol. And we throw in Boston's second rounder from Denver that came in the J.R. Smith trade.

Bulls -

B. Wallace/ Malik/ Sweets
Gasol / Ty
Sefo/ Grif

and that lineup could could squeak in under the cap next year.

Grizz -

Big Jake / Top three pick
Swift/ A. Johnson
Gay/ Warrick
M. Miller/ Dahntay Jones
Gordon/ Atkins

and a ton of cap space after this year. They can sign Ben to a big extension and still have 10 or so mil to chase free agents.

Tell me why I'm an idiot in the comments. I've got a good comeback waiting for you.


Blogger Big Sweet said...

According to the Southtown (,241SPT9.article) you're right on the money. Now we can debate the merits of the trade if and when it happens, but your analysis looks spot on as to who might be included. I know Pax was out west scouting this weekend, so I can only assume it was for Gasol.

12:14 PM  
Blogger BenGo07 said...

I'm not sure if you're an idiot, but we lose a lot of scoring without Gordon, and much of that comes in the clutch, one of those intangible commodities that I believe is absolutely invaluable.

I guess the thinking is Gasol not only gets us back much of what we lose in the scoring department, but also opens up wide open shots for others when he's double teamed. I've got to admit, it has its logic, but Gasol would be even more devastating if we could somehow finnagle to keep Gordon too. He's easily our most reliable outside shooter--Noce is close, and Hinrich can be good, but is a little too streaky. I just have the sneaking suspicion that getting rid of Gordon might be looked back upon one day as jawdroppingly stupid.

5:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tis folly to part with Gordon and/or Deng.

11:37 AM  

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