Thursday, January 18, 2007

Central Division issues

The Bulls picked up another win in the vaunted Central tonight over Milwaukee, running their season division record to 7-1. They now stand just 1.5 back of Cleveland (although they are three behind in the loss column), and .5 game up on Detroit, 2 on Indy and 5 on the Bucks. In other words, they are in really good shape.

I was a little nervous pre-season about the strength of the division, but now it seems wide open. Michael Redd is likely out for another month and Charlie is banged up in Wisky, and you know you could be in trouble when Isiah is praising the Pistons' signing of C-Webb. While a great player, Webber is lazy on the devensive end, has a noted attitude problem, needs the ball in his hands (which won't jive with the now-healthy Chauncey) and will take valuable minutes away from Maxiell and McDyess, two of their most solid players up front. Not to mention that Detroit has already lost seven of 10.

Prognosticating about the other two challengers is a little more dicey. Cleveland can win at any time with LeBron, but have looked terrible on their recent trip out west after a really good stretch. Indiana, losers of two straight, completley retooled-- well, besides trading O'Neal -- so who knows. It's my gut (and not supported) reaction that Troy Murphy is not worthy of many minutes, even considering his grotesque contract. Dunleavy has been irrelevant since his time in Durham and Carlisle would be out of his mind to bench Granger instead. Ike is a beast and will be a good player and Pacers fans have to feel good about sendinng S. Jackson on his merry way, but giving up Al Harrington? I think this is a step in the wrong direction for Larry Legend.

What's all of this mean? The Bulls can rest on their laurels, play solid defense and with a little bit of luck, could coast to their first division crown since 97-98.


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