Thursday, January 18, 2007

Random Thoughts

- The Bucks game was the worst called game I’d seen in a long time. Weak calls on Deng checking Patterson in the first 6 minutes and Ben got nothing all game. I mean he got killed a couple times, and at least 5 or 6 times Kirk or Ben nearly got tackled out top on pick and rolls.

- Duhon has to shoot the ball when he’s open. Sefo’s been great, he deserves Du’s minutes right now.

- Went to the Spurs game and was greatly pleased by the overall play. Ty’s a freak! I think that first goal tending call, which was a clean block, just took the refs by surprise. It was so quick they didn’t know what happened.

- The Bulls starters sign autographs for a few kids who are brought onto the court between the intros and the tip. It’s a nice gesture and I’m sure the kids remember it for a long time, etc., but doesn’t it come at a bad time? Maybe the Bulls are getting into a certain mental space that gets interupted by smiling for a seven year old?

- An interesting stretch coming up. The Jazz and Mavs will be great tests. The revamped Pacers lineup and the Heat should have Shaq back on the 27th are good tests versus division teams. And two chumps, Atl and the Clips, thrown in. If the Bulls can go 5-1, they’ll be 28-18 overall, that magic ten games above .500 mark that Skiles has mentioned, then I think they win the East. The Cavs have a significantly harder schedule the rest of the way.

- The Pacers trade was horrible. I guess more moves are to come, but their gonna stink in the interim. Adding Webber is a joke. Dumar’s plan for the Pistons is unraveling worst than the Bush administration’s plan for Iraq. They’re fucked when Chauncy B. bolts in the off-season.

- Looking beyond Oden and Durant, I’d be happy with a top eight pick from the Knicks. Check out this mock draft -
No Euro big guys please.


Blogger jamesmnordbergjr said...

Yesterday was without a doubt the worst officiated game against the Bulls all season.

I thought Wallace was gonna hurt one of the men in stripes after a while.

That was one of those games that I'm glad I don't have floor seats for cuz after a few cocktails, I woulda been expelled from the UC (if it was played there instead of at the Bradley Center.)

5:43 PM  
Blogger BenGo07 said...

Interesting note about the pre-game signings. I went to one game (I think it was the Knicks) and only two of the starting five went over to sign (Duhon and Deng). As the rest of the team was at half-court, high-fivin' the Knicks and getting ready for the tip, the other kids just stood there on the free throw line, looking stunned as their sense of entitlement was wholly ignored. Finally Duhon rushed over and signed the rest of 'em in a hurry.

Now imagine if Kirk Hinrich was supposed to sign your card. Wouldn't you feel robbed getting stuck with Du?

5:57 PM  
Blogger BenGo07 said...

Looking at that draft board, it would be nice if the Knicks could fall down to 7 so that we could pick up Horford. I think right away he'd come in and play like a younger, more energetic P.J.--good rebounder, good defender, decent shotblocker and his mid-range jumper is pretty solid. He's also endowed with that somewhat nebulous feature--the "NBA body."

On the negative side, he sometimes thinks he's a point guard: Two out of ten times something breathtaking happens, the other 80 percent a horrific turnover occurs. But I imagine Skiles would knock that shit out of him lickety-split.

6:16 PM  
Blogger Big Sweet said...

I know quite a bit about Horford -- he's been on my fantasy team for two seasons now. Although I'm sure that's what the early part of the summer will be devoted to, I was thinking about crafting a post about this years' draft class and who looks like a good fit. Something to look forward to pretty soon.

As for the signing thing, haven't the cUBS been doing that for a while now? Sammy had to curtail his sprint to right-center if I remember correctly. Perhaps any idea swiped from them is something the Bulls should shy away from.

And while I agree Du has to take open shots, his shooting has been horrific of late and most of those shots have come when he's wide open. Until he can consistently hit that shot, he's not going to be super effective.

6:39 PM  
Blogger BenGo07 said...

Actually, the fans would be out waiting for the players at their positions, so I don't think Sammy ever had to curtail his simulation of hustle.

11:20 PM  
Blogger Sean G. said... is also a decent mock draft site but I don't really agree with their prediction of picking Belinelli since we just picked up Thabo last year.

9:45 AM  

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