Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Late Night Bullets

** With Wallace or not, I'd say the Bulls should still go 4-3 on their upcoming West Coast swing. Road losses to Phoenix and Utah wouldn't be that unsettling, and I guess the Clips are playing better as of late, so that might be tough as well. But Seattle, Portland, Golden State and Sacramento are all winnable. I suppose I could live with 3-4 (which would be three times better than last trip out west) and I'd obviously be REALLY pleased if they can somehow manage 5-2. Color me ecstatic if they do better than that, and talk to me again about Gasol in another week and a half if they don't manage 3 Ws.

**About a week ago, I read Jack McCallum's book on the Phoenix Suns, :07 Seconds Or Less. I'd recommend it, if only because it takes 7 hours or less to read. Of all the players and coaches who star in it, my personal favorite was Suns' Assistant Coach Alvin Gentry, who comes off as an absolutely hilarious straight shooter. He's an NBA lifer, with a wealth of great stories, and my favorite was this one: He's talking with McCallum about psyching up players in the locker room, and he mentions this one time when he was an assistant with the Heat, and a 11th man enforcer/rebounder named Ledell Eackles hoped to inspire the team. He goes up to the chalkboard and writes "Know Your Role" on the board, only he spells it, "No Your Roll." Glen Rice just looked up at him and said, "Sit down, dumbass."

**Finally, there's a new book coming out this May that everyone will want to check out: Jeffrey Lane's Under the Boards: The Cultural Revolution in Basketball. (There's an Annotated Table of Contents here; look it over and tell me you're not interested.) I'm hoping we might be able to put together some sort of TYI "Blog Event" around it when we get closer to the pub date--an interview with Jeff at the least, or maybe, Jeff willing, some sort of seminar like the good folks over at Crooked Timber did with the dopest fiction writer alive today, China Mieville. This doesn't have to be just TYI posters either; if any of you kindly folks from other blogs are interested, let me know in the comments and maybe we can do a cross-promotional thing, get the whole synergy thing workin'.


Blogger Big Sweet said...

I think the interview would be sick. Maybe "the mothership" would be interested in doing something with it, with our approval of course.

I also think 4 wins has to be the goal. I am not ready to come limping back from California quite yet.

3:18 PM  
Blogger Hot Shit College Student said...

"Before his murder in 1997, rap god Biggie Smalls articulated a survival guide of sorts for drug dealers in his genre-defining single, “Ten Crack Commandments.” Biggie rapped about the crack game, but he could just as easily have been lecturing about the business side of pro basketball: To “get over” in a cutthroat world—the street-corner economy, the sleazy record industry, or the hyper-capitalist NBA—look out for yourself. Can’t Knock the Hustle articulates the interdependent language, values, and looks of hip-hop, contemporary basketball, and the drug culture to reveal how today’s rap-music-reared generation of NBA players interprets the business and political aspects of the sport."

I haven't heard the MF Doom track urging Lebron and Wade to sign three year contracts, maybe it's noted in this book.

4:24 PM  
Anonymous Jeffrey Lane said...

Jeff Lane checking in. I just found this and thanks for the shout. I'm certainly interested in a 'blog event', interview, or whatever you guys want to cook up. I'm looking forward to doing a book event in Chicago and connecting...will keep you posted and keep up the intangibles on the blog

4:59 PM  
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