Thursday, February 22, 2007


...on tonight's huge win:

1) Can't say enough about Ben Wallace. If he can consistently give this type of effort in a playoff series, the Bulls will be tough to beat. It would be nice if the Bulls played more nationally televised games, get this type of monster game from Big Ben more often.

2) From Skiles the other day:

"Griff has had kind of an unfair year," Skiles said. "We committed some minutes to the rookies to see where they were. Lou is having a career year. Noce is playing well. It has been hard to get him minutes. But he has a lot of experience, so we're going to keep playing him."

Griff's line tonight? Seven minutes, zero points, two turnovers, two rock hands. Please, Griff's wily, cagey veteran leadership notwithstanding, please reconsider. This is my plea for sanity.

UPDATE: 3) Even with Dwyane's injury, the debate is over when it comes to whether you'd want him or Bron Bron to build a franchise around. LBJ disappeared in the fourth quarter, going 2 of 8. (And I'm almost positive both those were in the last two minutes, when the game was pretty much already sealed.) Interestingly enough, that's also exactly what he shot from the FT line. I'll give props to Luol for the defensive job he did on him, but that was probably the quietest 29 points I've ever seen. Yeah, James' talent is through the roof, but that being the case, why isn't he better?

4) Apparently the Cavs players think they should be a Suns East type of team, and they're pissed at their coach for not letting them run wild. I don't know how good a coach Mike Brown is, but seeing as the Cavs are our rival, I'm very disappointed he's smart enough to know that Daniel Gibson is not Steve Nash; Donyell Marshall is not Boris Diaw; and Ilgauskas is not Amare Stoudemire. This team thinks they can play like the Suns?! Man I wish I could've been friends with them back in my college days...That shit they're smoking sounds like some serious krill.


Anonymous james said...

Hey the site.

Gotta say one one thing and show one stat for last night's game that's important...

Ben Wallace was the recipient of no Ilgouskas.

Big Z is 2 spots ahead of Wallace (18th-20th) in Hollinger stats Reb-r (17.3-17.2). That's a lot of glass cleaning and hustle stats missing for the #1 offensive rebounding team in the league.

I'm happy the Bulls won, I'm happy Wallace did well, but my feelings are a little tempered by what Cleveland was missing.

3:35 AM  
Blogger Sean G. said...

Hollinger stats are great and their fun to use in debate but what Wallace showed everbody last night doesn't show up on a stat sheet. Whether Ilgauskas was there or not Big Ben showed a desire to win that he had not shown all year and that's what's been frustrating Bulls fans.

It was great seeing the Wallace we thought we were getting when we signed him last summer. He wasn't only boarding but he had 7 blocks. Would Ilgauskas have detered him from getting those 7 blocks? He was also passing well and not turning the ball over.

The next two games are nationally televised and against top teams in the East so I expect to see a similar effort from Wallace and everyone else.

8:48 AM  

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