Thursday, March 08, 2007

The difference a day makes

The big three came to play tonight. Hinrich looked much more like himself early on and I'm glad his foul trouble in the third didn't come back and bite Skiles in the ass. Gordon hit some big shots when we needed them and Deng was solid on the glass.

Do you think Skiles motivated them on that short flight from Miami? After the terrible outing against Skiles' old mates last week -- in which we got dominated on the glass -- it was good to see the Bulls hit the boards and then beat the bigger and slower Orlando squad down the floor. Good defensive energy too; Howard was decent but they couldn't establish any offensive flow, especially down low.

The rest of the month's schedule is so choice, at least until we see Detroit and Cleveland near the end. Hopefully, they can win at least six of eight and move up a few spots in the East.


Blogger Sean G. said...

A home and home with one of the worst teams in the NBA is always nice...Why have we played so many less games than everybody else in the East? Det: 59, Clev: 61, Wash: 60, Bulls: 64...It all balances out in the end so maybe we have a little more rest coming up down the stretch than everyone else, or maybe it's just irrelevant.

Detroit embarks on a 5 game West Coast trip that concludes next Friday in Phoenix. After Saturday nights game against the Grizz we will have played 4 of the worst teams in the league. We're 3 1/2 out now so by next Saturday night I expect to be within a game or two of first in the Central depending on where Cleveland is at at that time. However, whenever we expect to win its usually a struggle so who knows.

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