Monday, July 14, 2008

Packing It In


Blogger CoachSkiles said...

From a friend via email -

Quite telling that his legacy seems to be that of idiot/jackass. Now if we can only get him fired from Raycom too...

Kellogg is an improvement for sure, but sometimes he forgets how to speak English. Wonder if they picked based on how the candidates for the job would have called the title game, specifically Chalmers shot to tie:

Dickie V: would have blown out his larynx for good with all the "awesome baby" screaming

Raff: "Onions!"

Dan Bonner: probably a huge "Oh my" and/or "Good heavens" with a healthy dose of Dan Bonner chuckles.

G-Man: "Did I ever mention I set a lot of records at Duke?"

Gus Johnson: "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa dkskhjkahjkl hjksl hjkls hfjffhlk whjlw hejl hlhwlhe laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!"

Ken Venturi: "He read those undulations beautifully, Jim"

Bob Wenzel: "Too bad he missed that shot."

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