Monday, June 09, 2008


...well, it's Del Negro.

Does it strike anyone else as not the most ringing endorsement of Vinny D that his most recent former boss (Steve Kerr) hired Terry Porter over him?

Still, I prefer an unknown quantity like Del Negro to a known (and seriously lacking) quantity like Collins. If I'm remembering Seven Seconds or Less correctly, Del Negro liked D'Antoni's style of play, but bemoaned his lack of interest in defense. So, who knows...maybe we'll see a run-and-gunning offense that's also committed to D. That could be fun.

UPDATE: It strikes me that this hire does lend itself to a pretty fucking cool nickname. Coach Del Negro, I now dub thee: The Vincent Black Shadow!!!!!!!!!"


Anonymous Big D said...

Couldn't you say the same thing about hiring a fan off the street? "Hey, we don't know what his philosophy is, but at least he's better than Boylan!"

5:09 PM  
Blogger NoItAll said...

since he is a former point guard and scout i like the hire if it means we pick rose. to the extent that VDN is a nonathletic white pointguard ala paxson and hinrich this hire scares me

5:23 PM  
Anonymous bullshooter said...

Del Negro was a shooting guard...

What should scare you is he is considering Bob Hill as his lead assistant, a guy best known for quickly submarining any head coach he works with. How do you pick Bob Hill? He's like a diabolical Jim Boylan...

10:02 PM  
Anonymous JoeJoe said...

It's not going to be Bob Hill!

I don't mind the hire considering the Bulls won't be Title contenders as far as the eye can see. This next coach is doomed so why not take on a new guy?

To be honest there is just nobody out there. Flip,Collins? No.

Mike D'Antoni? Dude doesn't coach D and lets the players off easy. That would be the worst coach for the youngest team in the NBA.

''VDN is a nonathletic white pointguard ala paxson and hinrich this hire scares me''

Your kidding right? VDN was athletic as hell.

People just need to relax.I love how everyone on Blogabull think they know shit. Just stop your whining the Bulls are a losing cycle right now. The NBA is controlled by Stern and it's not the Bulls time right now.

You think the Bulls are just lucky to get the Number one pick? Riiiiight!

Just except the fact that the Bulls are in a recession. You win with Vets and Superstars.

1:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

VDN was a point guard... actually a combo... ala kirk. the similarities between kirk and VDN are eerie. However, VDN was not a solid starter and a better role player, Im not sure if he was a captian ala kirk... maybe this signals drafting Rose and keeping hinrich as a sg/combo/role player and trading Gordon instead, which i think would be a mistake.

I was surprised VDN didn't mention Gordon as one of the players he was interested in while in PHX.

3:11 PM  
Blogger T Dizzle said...

I am not sure what to think about this hire

4:10 PM  

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