Friday, May 30, 2008


Since there really is nothing new to say about Doug Collins, Joakim Noah, or the draft, I'd like to take a moment to say nothing new about the low quality rags that occasionally have news about sports teams with arenas and stadiums in Chicago (or South Bend) printed on them.

Remember this classic game recap from K.C. Johnson?
Tyrus Thomas, who will be shopped, rebounded from picking up a foul 12 seconds after tipoff to fare well in a high-profile matchup with Kevin Garnett with a team- and season-high 24 points.
Oh that K.C., what a card. The Sun-Times won't let the Trib get away with a spite-contaminated game recap. They'll have their own Joe Cowley semi-anonymously* write one about the White Sox, and Orlando Cabrera. Everyone wins!

*Hot Shit College Student is my legal name.


Anonymous BRValentine said...

ugh. i hate to hate on a fellow eths alum, but kc johnson is just awful. i know he tries hard and means well but his prose is borderline unreadable. the few games sam smith covered last season reminded me how can actually be enjoyable to read the day-to-day beat stuff. the best thing about the bulls' draft fortunes and recent coaching news is that sam smith is writing about the bulls again. maybe kc will improve with age but i'm not hopeful.

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