Tuesday, June 24, 2008

One Of These Things Is Not Like The Other

JERRY ZGODA, a man so important his name is in all-caps at the Standard Examiner (a daily that covers holes in Utah's spacetime continuum), wrote this about smallish NBA players drafted below inferior, yet biggish NBA players.
Andrew Bogut and Marvin Williams over Deron Williams and Paul in 2005. Michael Olowokandi over Mike Bibby in 1998. Glenn Robinson over Jason Kidd in 1994. Derrick Coleman over Gary Payton in 1990. Mark Aguirre over Isiah Thomas in 1981.
Let's recap: 6'6" tall and a career 19.0 PER over 6'1" tall and a career 18.1 PER. Obviously I'm not going into detail here, but puh-lease, Mr. ZGODA. I still enjoyed Kevin McHale saying dumb things in your piece.

I am kind of curious, and you (dear reader, not ZGODA) have to actually remember watching Aguirre to answer this: is Beasley comparable to Mark Aguirre?


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