Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Other Things That Aren't Working Out So Great reports Joakim Noah has yet to receive a French passport. He became a French citizen in April.
"The qualifiers (for EuroBasket 2009) are in 10 months, but I have to talk to the coaches, continue my progress here (at Chicago) and continue to work hard.

"But it could happen quickly because I already have contacts with the French ambassador in New York. There are just some papers to fill in."
Can't say I'll be relieved when this situation gets cleared up. Deng's general lethargy, and his recent injury could be tied to not resting, and playing for Great Britain over the summer. I can't work in some sort of player development angle because Sefolosha can't play basketball properly, Veektor is still glued to the bench, and Hinrich quit after 1 1/2 wasted summers.


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