Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Roy Willliams is a d-bag

The Tar Heels needed a T.O. baby!

I have a sneaking feeling that a few lottery picks will stay in school, especially those from teams shouldn't have lost as early as they did. So maybe no Hansborough, (God please don't let the Bulls pick him, even if he turns out to be a good pro) Wright from Kansas, and a few others.

But, good news! The Knicks are more beat-up than that Ferrari Eddie Griffin drove into a wall. If they end up with say, 31 wins, they should finish in the 6 to 8 range. Hello Jeff Green! If Yi Jianlian or Tiago Splitter gets picked before Green, I say that the GM stupid enough to perpetrate this fraud on their fan base has to go at it UFC style with Bill Simmons. Except Simmons gets a rusty knife.

In other news, the Rapts Euro big men are hurting, could make for an easy first round victory.

Also back-to-back eighty degree days in March! Climate change my ass.

Ya basta!


Blogger Rickhouse said...

I think most people who write blogs at some point really liked Simmons, but now most people think hes just a smug asshole.

Jeff Green is gonna be good but not for the Bulls. He is a low post scorer but hes only about 6'8. The Bulls need a dude 6'10 or taller, and i bet Splitter is gonna be pretty solid.

10:46 PM  

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