Monday, December 04, 2006

Switching Gears...

...Okay, I know this is supposed to be a Bulls blog, but I wanna talk about Brother Rex for a minute. Now it's obviously pretty reasonable to argue that if Rex continues to play like he did yesterday, the Bears don't have a shot of winning the Super Bowl. (Strangely enough, though, the NFC is so bad--and the Bears defense and special teams are so good--that it's equally conceivable that he could play like he did yesterday and the Bears could still make it to the Super Bowl, particularly if they hold on to homefield adavantage.)

That said, do those who are begging for the Bears to pull him really know what they are asking for? That is, have they ever rooted for a (professional) team that was helmed by Brian Griese? Being (also) a Dolphins fan, I have, and let me tell you, it's no fun. In fact, it's a lot like rooting for a team with Joey Harrington at QB: You are constantly waiting for him to fuck up, and you are a lot more suprised when he doesn't than when he does.

Despite Rex's occasional Quinn-osity this year, he's five TDs shy of beating Greise's all-time, single season record of 23. (That was back in 2001.) Granted, he's only two INTs short of beating Griese's record, but he already has thrown for more 20+ yd plays and more 40+ yd plays than Griese ever has in a single season. And while Rex may not be the Bears QB of the Future, three teams have already tried Brian Griese at that role: One of them preferred to go with Jake Plummer, one of them opted for Jay Fielder, and the last one felt Chris Simms gave them a better chance to win. In other words, not only does Griese have a history of failure, but those better than him have a history of failure.

Rex Grossman very well may not be the answer, but those who believe Brian Griese is are delusional.


Back to the Bulls...Take a look at the rest of their December schedule. Fifteen games left, and it looks like they could easily go 13-2, maybe 10-5 if we take into account some freakish anomalies. But they really need to minimize those and feast on the weak during this stretch. There's a lot of home games in January too, but they're a lot tougher (Phx, Det, SA, Dal, Hous, and Utah, as well as Miami, with Shaq coming out of his 1st half hibernation right around this time) and February is a real bear, with another (albeit easier) West Coast swing. Things get easier the last two months, and that's usually when Skiles teams kick into full gear, but it would be nice if we didn't have to sweat so hard to get a 7 seed this year. Anyway, here's hoping we're riding a 12-game winning streak when Mamba rolls into town on Dec. 19; it's certainly possible


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