Thursday, November 02, 2006

I like winning by 42 more

A few quick thoughts about a poor showing in game two:

Orlando was much quicker than the Bulls, specfically Howard on the block and Nelson on penetration. Howard's footwork is great and when he gets by you -which is often- he gets to the rim in a hurry. Wallace looked, dare I say, overmatched.

Give Orlando credit for their shooting (59 percent from the floor), but it's much easier when you're getting open looks. Nelson's penetration killed us here; it always seemed like we were one step behind on our help rotations.

Gordon was spectacular early, which was good too see after Tuesday night. Hinrich looked tired to me.

I know the Bull's team FT percentage wasn't horrible last season (73.8 percent), but I think think improving at the line needs to be a point of emphasis for a team without a really dominant inside scorer. When we get into the lane and get hacked, we need to get some points out of it.

Darko's mohawk was hilarious and not nearly as badass as Ocho Cinco's.

I love the NBA package week-long free preview. We're trying to goad one of our roomates into asking for the package for a Birthday/Hannaukah gift. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.


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