Wednesday, November 01, 2006

More First Impressions

I would sum up my first impressions by saying: It's nice! I like!

Quick factual correction, the "welcome to the NBA" moment Brian describes below was against Thabo, not Ty Thomas, though it still was a pretty awesome moment. Thabo did kind of make up for it by stripping that poor rookie point guard on the Heat when he tried to cross him over. (How many raw inches of limbs are there between Thabo and Thomas, by the way? It's like their wing span takes up the whole court)

I agree re: depth and rebounding. Also their defense looked suspiciously like the defense of their lakeside neighbors, the Bears. Every time a Heat player caught the ball with what looked to be a bit of daylight there were suddenly three or four players around him.

Finally, a prediction and you heard it hear first. Kirk Hinrich is an All-Star this year.

More later...


Blogger Big Sweet said...

I like the rebound! Do you the like rebound! Hi-Five!

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