Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Bigger is better?

How about -

Hinrich, Griffin, Deng, Sweetney, B. Wallace.

I think BenGo is better off the bench anyway, but not starting Noche is hard.

I guess maybe if we go with your five, the second team would be a combination of-

PG - Duhon,

2- Griffin/ Sefo

3- Khryapa

4- Sweetney/ T. Thomas

5- PJ/ Malik/ Big A.

I think Griffin and Sefo can play the three as well.

I'm interested to see what the youngsters - Sefo/Khryapa/T. Thomas and Big A. can do.

In Pax we trust.


Blogger BenGo07 said...

I'm just not sure how much offense this lineup provides, although apparently Hinrich has been killing it in the World tourney. Griffin seems more of a 3 than a 2 to me, and can you really afford to get that little offensive production out of your shooting guard? Deng is obviously gonna bring it, but I just don't see Sweetney at the four. He's quick at center, but slow at PF. I figure with this lineup the most you're looking at, on average, is 17 pts. at the PG, 8 at the 2, another 17 at the 3, and 8 and 8 at PF and C. Regardless of who you're bringin' off the bench and how dope your defense is, I don't think 58 pts from your starters is gonna cut it.

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