Friday, March 05, 2010

What Could Roust Me From My Bulls-Blogging Lethargy?

Only the searing hatred I felt last night, as I watched the Bulls' lead dwindle and dwindle, as Rose's stellar penetration-and-kick allowed for wide-open trey after wide-open trey by Kirk Hinrich, who proceeded to brick just about every fucking one.

The hatred burned so deeply, my loathing of this "shooting guard" becoming so bilious, that I was moved to try to understand why this oft-familiar sight bothered me so much. And I think it comes down to this: When Kirk Hinrich shoots even halfway decently, the Bulls are a good, if not very good, team.

To wit, Hinrich has missed 6 games this year and the Bulls went 1-5 in his absence. That means they're 30-25 when he's on the court, and I went through his game log to check his FG% in Bulls' wins vs. losses. The difference is astounding.

In the Bulls' 30 wins, Hinrich has made 140 of the 313 shots he's taken, a FG% of 44.7. That's almost identical to his career high in '06-'07 when he shot 44.8%.

But of course, Hinrich isn't anywhere near his career-high FG% this year. That's because in the Bulls' 25 losses, Hinrich has made only 74 of his 228 shots, a FG% of 32.5. (To get a sense of how bad that is for a regular player, click on the FG% stats at Hoop Data. No one who takes as many shots per game (9.5, in Bulls' losses) is worse. No one.) And, of course, when you combine the two, you see that Hinrich is having the worst shooting year of his career since he was a rookie. (Actually, worst ever if you're counting his TS%.)

Conclusion? (Other than that while "thrust" and "hustle" are nice, they are nowhere near enough.) The Bulls really need to upgrade the shooting in their shooting guard position next season. Which is why, assuming the Bulls whiff on Wade, TYI is now officially on the Anthony Morrow bandwagon.


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