Friday, December 04, 2009

Oh, Brother...

Season already in limbo, the Bulls are contemplating a move to further entrench themselves in the lower rungs of mediocrity.

Look, I get it. "The plan" is to reel in one of the free agent biggies next summer. This move will help with that (and also save Reinsdorf another $1 million this year, which I have no doubt the organization considers another "big plus" going for it). And, of course, if the Bulls land Bosh or Wade or LBJ, then sure, retroactively, this will be a brilliant deal. (Although, again, I don't know why any big-name FA would have any interest in joining a franchise this screwy.)

But Goddamnit, reading shit like "the Bulls believe Harrington’s ability to score ... make this a worthy exchange" (so much for the "emphasizing defense and team chemistry this year" horseshit) and that "Chicago believes it has a worthy power forward successor on the cheap in rookie Taj Gibson" insults everybody's intelligence. Do we really have to keep up the pretense that this current season matters in any way whatsoever? Haven't all the season tickets been sold already?