Monday, November 09, 2009

Another Bouquet for Noah

He's been getting props all over the place, but take a look at Hollinger's PER leaders among centers.

He's third, behind only Howard and Duncan. And looking at the rest of the list, I'm not sure if there's another center on it who I would prefer over him. Maybe Lopez, maybe Horford, but while not as skilled offensively as those two, Jo rebounds and passes better than both of them. (And probably is Lopez's near equal in blocking shots.) Oden, of course, still tantalizes with his potential, but given his injury history and how much trouble he has staying on the floor, I'm not sure I'd even take him over Noah.

Anyway, those are the only three possibilities coming to mind; any others?


Anonymous Krandle said...

Jefferson if you want to call him a center or not, and then Bynum/ Gasol. He is in pretty good company right now.

5:47 PM  
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