Friday, May 15, 2009

2nd Pick 2nd Overall

Everyone else is going to post something nice. Guitar Center Olympian below.
OK, this might stir things up a bit - I'm sure some snobs will stick their noses in here somehow but...

I'm coming around to the opinion that Wayman Tisdale does NOT play bass. Oh, he plays a large, long scale, extended range, multi string instrument, but in his band, he's not playing bass. Nope, there's some guy in the back playing bass - nice groove, good tone, just what you'd expect. But out front there's Wayman. Big ol' Wayman. And he's choppin' and lickin' all over the place. Uh-uh, Wayman isn't playing bass... :scowl: 

...he's playing the only guit*r that fits him! :D


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