Sunday, April 26, 2009

Game 4: Bulls Overcome Celtics, Del Negro

Don't have too much to say about the game, other than that Vinny better be kissing Ben Gordon's ass the rest of the week. That big-balled shot probably made it possible for most of the media to overlook his a) playing John Salmons at the 4 during crunchtime and b) at the end of regulation, failing to put Ray Allen in the "fifth row with the popcorn man." (And the same goes with Rondo at the end of double OT; that he wasn't fouled before passing the ball to Pierce is unbelievably egregious.)

Aside from that, Hinrich, Miller and Noah all had nice games, and, turnovers aside, it was absolutely a brilliant game by Derrick, who not only fucked around and nearly got a triple double, but also answered my prayers on the glass. Indeed, overall, it was a much tidier job by the Bulls on the glass; if they can limit Boston's O rebounds even somewhat, they're going to knock this tired, whiny, old-ass team out of the playoffs. It just sucks they have to overcome their coach, as well.

Oh, and I can't find it online yet, but when it hits YouTube, I promise to embed Gordon's OT game-tying shot and his "check out my huge nuts" reaction to it on national TV. That pretty much made my weekend.


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