Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Cry Me a Pinche Rio

Via Blog-a-Bull, I got a kick out of this Nocioni lament:

Last year I lost all hope they would pass the ball to me (laughs). I just waited on the corner watching what happened. If the ball came, it came... It rarely did (laughs). It's the same thing in Sacramento. There's a lot of young people and a lot of individualistic play.

Love it. Dude took the most shots per minute of his entire career last year, and indeed, took the third most total shots on the team in 07-08, behind only Deng and Gordon. Meanwhile, his AST% (8.3) was third-lowest on the team among those playing meaningful minutes, (barely) ahead of only Ben Wallace (8.2) and Joe Smith (7.4).

Anyone know the Spanish word for chutzpah?


Blogger mrm3x1can said...

lets go with pendejo

7:27 PM  

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