Sunday, February 22, 2009

Two Things

1) This late-game preference of Hinrich over Rose has to stop. Now. (And I know Rose hasn't been playing all that well of late. Doesn't matter.) If it doesn't, some sort of collective action by Bulls' fans might be necessary.

2) The next time your shooting guard is 9 for 11 at the half with 22 points, let's make sure he gets more than ONE FUCKING SHOT in the third quarter. Un-fucking-believeable.


Anonymous bullshooter said...

He stopped shooting in the third, he was still getting touches. And then he started doing all the bad stuff like forcing shots and dribbling into double teams in the fourth. BG was fantastic taking good shots in the first half and equally terrible in the fourth. It was bizarre. It was Jekyl and Hyde.

3:00 PM  
Blogger BenGo07 said...

I didn't think he got bad per se in the fourth until the game was already getting pretty desperate, and their offense basically became, "Give it to Ben, get out of his way, and hope he makes it." Don't know how much of that you can put on Ben. (And even then, he still tried to initiate some offense by passing, i.e., the really key possession where he was double-teamed, passed out of it, it swung to Salmons, who drove and threw it over Ben's head, leading to the backbreaking Ford breakaway layup. It would've been better if Ben had just launched an ill-advised three on that possession.)

10:55 AM  

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