Thursday, February 19, 2009

Why Two Semi-Crappy Contracts Are Better Than One Hugely Crappy Contract

Scoff all you want at the news that the Bulls are trading Larry Hughes for Jerome James and (ha!) Tim Thomas, but keep in mind that NBA teams need to carry a minimum of 13 player contracts. Paying James and Thomas roughly the same as Hughes (actually, about $600K less) means that the Bulls now have 10 players under contract at basically the same salary that they previously had nine. That means only three roster spots need to be filled within a limited amount of cap space, as opposed to four.

It's not much, but considering we're talking about Larry Hughes, every little benefit counts. (Morrissey, however, is probably pissed.)

UPDATE: The addition of Roberson makes this even more salient. Assuming they pick up Roberson's option next year--he sucks and was an absolute cancer on the Gator teams he played for in college, but is cheap roster filler--that means only two more roster spots need to be filled.