Monday, February 16, 2009

Farewell to a Mensch

Will the Bulls get Amar'e? Camby? Kaman? Is Pax really going to quit in the coming weeks?

To be honest, we here at TYI could really give a shit at the moment. Over the weekend, we said our goodbyes to Coach Skiles, one of this humble blog's founders and indeed the inspired creator of our very name. This morning, the Coach officially left the frigid flatlands of Chi-City for the warmer, more non-linear climes of his native North Carolina, and though we understand and support his decision, it doesn't change the sad fact that we're losing a worthy adversary/teammate on the pickup court, a wry, oft-hilarious voice on all matters of current events, and a very, very good friend. (To say nothing of the gaping hole his absence will leave in the Deadline Dogs' outfield/batting order this summer.) He'll be more than missed.

(The Coach (middle), at the Weegee's shuffleboard court this past weekend for his going away party, reacts to the exhortations of BenGo (right, pointed hand) that they immediately partake in a round of Jameson shots to properly mark his departure from Chicago. The Coach, of course, kindly accepted.)


Anonymous bullshooter said...

Good luck in your future endeavors, Coach Skiles.

5:32 PM  

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