Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Quick Trade Reaction

1) I like it. Miller is both a nice complimentary piece to Ty and Noah, and an expiring deal in the much-anticipated "Summer of '10" (TM). Salmons is having a career year this season, and will likely never play this well again, but as a backup to Deng (who is actually quick enough to guard SFs, unlike Noce) and possible 1-year Gordon insurance (he'd be a slow defender at the 2, but he's tall (!!) and has actually been a decent shooter the past three seasons), he's fine. What's more, he's owed considerably less than Noce, which is fantastic. Plus, I'm obviously pleased that I don't have to watch Gooden and Noce any more.

2) I'll like this deal even more, if Pax pulls off the rumored Hinrich to T'Wolves trade for two expiring deals, which would at least make the possibility of re-signing Gordon this summer feasible. But if that doesn't come off, it's bye-bye, Ben, which obviously wouldn't please me.

UPDATE: Also, this deal gets the Bulls' fully under the luxury tax limit this year, so dear ol' Jerry won't have to pay $300K in luxury taxes. Thank the lord.


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