Sunday, April 19, 2009

More Moderated Post-Game 1 Thoughts

First off, if you haven't read Kevin Arnovitz's breakdown of Derrick Rose and K.D.'s breakdown of the whole game, thou shalt remedy that. (Although KD should've noted that Rose actually committed only four turnovers; the "charge" that Ray Allen drew against him in the third quarter was total bullshit.)

Just want to echo KD's point that the Bulls should've won that game, and that looking ahead, there are plenty of reasons to worry. Not only is Allen unlikely to go 1 for 12 again, but the Bulls are unlikely to out-board the Celtics by 8 again, Rose is unlikely to play that fuckin' good again, and Pierce is unlikely to take only four shots in the first half again (as well shoot 38 percent from the field again). Meanwhile, it's frighteningly likely that Vinny will continue to allot Brad Miller 10 minutes in the fourth and Tyrus only two minutes, and that Salmons (no matter his shooting %) will continue to jack up contested threes.

That said, Gordon's jumpers might not keep spinning out, Miller might not continue shitting the bed, and Noah's offensive tips might start going in. And hell (though it's been the trend in April), maybe Salmons' jumpers will start going down at a better clip. (I know, I know, he's injured; but if that's the case, he needs to recognize that and not take 16 shots.)

In other words, a lot of things went the Bulls' way in Game 1, but there was also a lot of room for feasible improvement. Color me cautiously optimistic.

Oh, and by the way, after the game, Derrick Rose watched three movies: "The Mummy, Coraline and a 'hero movie'--he forgot its title."

Not only is he one of the most exciting young players in the NBA, but he's absolutely adorable.