Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Derrick Rose Has To Do A Lot of Things

For full-on post-mortems, read Matt (who's right about everything except John Salmons) and KD (who's right about everything.)

Derrick Rose has to do a lot of things on this team. He has to be the primary ball-handler, he has to run the break (and know when to run it), he has to initiate the offense (such as it is). He has to be a big-time scorer, and a big-time facilitator. He has to get into the lane, he has to finish in the lane, he has to get to the line, he has to knock down the mid-range jumper. This is a lot of stuff to make a 20-year-old rookie do, and he's pretty much done it all with an almost eerie nonchalance.

But, I'm sorry to say, there's one more thing Derrick Rose has to do: He has to keep Rajon Rondo off the mother fuckin' offensive glass! Everybody and their mother could see that the Bulls got killed on the offensive boards last night, but what I didn't notice until today was that Rondo got 1/3 of Boston's offensive boards. And yes, Perkins got another third, but if we all agree that Noah has to do a better job on the defensive glass, the fact remains that it's even more important for Derrick to do a better job as well. Because (though I'm coming to totally loathe him) Kendrick Perkins is a helluva lot bigger than Noah and one of his main jobs out on the court is to attack the glass. If dude gets some O-boards, it may be frustrating, but it's at least understandable. Whereas with Rose, there's absolutely no reason he should be allowing Rondo to get seven offensive boards; he's bigger than him, he's stronger than him, he can leap higher than him, and he's just as lightning-quick.

Anyway, I don't have much else to say about Game 2, other than I found Boston's (and Kevin Garnett's) trash-talking throughout the game pretty fucking ridiculous, considering they needed a miraculous three to win one game against a .500 team on their own homecourt. To me, it looked like so much raging against the dying of the light, and I'm fully expecting things to get pretty frickin' dim for Boston at the UC. But we'll see.

UPDATE: It went without saying, but for posterity's sake, I should add that Ben Gordon is a motherfucking g.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Chicago and Derrick Rose rock!!!! I love that your team beat sucky Boston AGAIN!!! I'm a Laker fan but totally rooting for you guys!! The celts suck and so do their obnoxious fans. I used to think KG was a good sport but after he won that ring he became a total idiot. Paul Pierce says he is the best but we all know he cannot carry a team by himself like Jordon, Lebron, Kobe, (someday DRose). I hope you knock them out of the first round and send their sorry azzzzzz home!!!!

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