Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Woah, You Gotta Watch Out For Pargo

From the "poise factor" to Pargo, Jim Boylan's resume is going to be an incredible read this summer. Boylan strategitizing on how to defend Chris Paul:
"I know that there were a lot of people yelling for us to double-team him all over the court," interim coach Jim Boylan said. "That's easy to say and difficult to do.

"The other fact is Jannero Pargo was handling the ball quite a bit in the half-court and then eventually it would get to Chris. To go out and say we just need to be double-teaming him everywhere he goes is not very astute."
In an effort not to come off like a self-important asshead who misinterprets stuff, I am willing to admit that I am not an astute observer of the clipboard side of basketball. I realize double-teaming a player without the ball doesn't make a whole lot of sense, but wouldn't Peja's shooting be a better excuse?


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