Thursday, November 08, 2007


Was that pretty? No. Will I take it? Hell yeah!

Just a couple thoughts:

1) Tyrus Thomas = Beast. Almost singlehandedly saved us tonight, on both ends of the court. It's funny saying that when Wallace went for 36, but for the most part, I thought he had to earn almost all of those, and none of them came when the game was on the line.

2) Until Ben Wallace can fully heal--charitably assuming he's still hurt--he should only play in the beginning of the game, a couple minutes in the 2nd, the start of the third, and that's it. The rest of the front court minutes have got to go to Ty, Joe Smith (yet another nice game), and Noah, who really played within himself and did a lot of nice things out there tonight, getting 5 offensive boards and 4 assists in just 12 minutes.

3) Great floor game from Kirk (14 assists, 3 TOs).

4) It's weird, but suddenly I feel pretty good about this team. Ben Gordon still continued to struggle and while Luol played decently tonight, I still believe he can get more aggressive as the season goes on. In other words, there's still a lot of room for improvement in regards to how they played tonight, and yet they still managed to eke past a good Pistons team. Now they gotta get two in a row before the Circus trip.


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