Thursday, May 31, 2007

Random Run-Down

**I'm tired of talkin' Kobe, so let me re-iterate that I want Taurean Green to replace Chris Duhon as our backup point guard. Ivan Carter feels me.

** This Michael Miner piece brought two thoughts to mind: 1) Despite all the shit I give him, it is nice that Sam Smith doesn't treat the NBA like some Homeric epic. (Now if only he'd stop suggesting we trade Ben Gordon for Gerald Wallace!) And 2) Basketball bloggers have really stepped into the space of intelligent sports commentary that's been created by the media's promotion of bonehead columnists like Telander, Morrison and Marriotti.

**That leads nicely into the shoutout I want to give to "sbulls9030," one of the rare Blogabull side diarists who I don't think would send Nocioni into a fit of despair over the broken condition of humanity. (He can be a bit sensitive about these things.) His (or Her) statistical breakdown of our Big Three has been really interesting, and if y'all haven't done so already, definitely check it out. I learned quite a bit from it and have started questioning a few of my player assessments on account of it. (I'd say it's possible I've been underestimating Kirk and overestimating Luol). I'm most happy I found it, though, because he (or she) led me to this, which'll probably now eat up way too much of my free time.


Blogger Big Sweet said...

Yeah, great stuff in the player rankings. The shot chart is awesome. With Deng, we knew he decided to cut three pointers out of his game. What I didn't realize is that he only practiced from one side of the floor. He should probably work on that this summer (as well as his moves on the block, obviously).

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