Thursday, May 10, 2007


Yesterday, our old friend Sam Smith dropped some knowledge about the Pistons elaborately named zone defense, which the Bulls haven't quite adjusted to yet.

"But the key has been the Pistons denying the Bulls their main strength of driving into the middle and then kicking the ball out to shooters. The defense packs it in more, which is not an uncommon tactic. But the Pistons are long-armed enough to stay with the shooters at the three-point line and, at least, stunt and force a dribble before a shot."

Smith presents a pretty convincing case, pointing out that the Pistons stuff the paint and we settle for bad shots. The answer, clearly, is better ball movement and the ability to knock down a few jumpers, forcing their two guards to step out further, opening up the middle of the floor. This seems to be on Ben and Kirk, who are capable of making shots with defenders in their face. Hopefully, playing in familiar surroundings will help. We will have to see.


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