Friday, April 27, 2007

Winderman Tempts Fate, Gordon

I think Ira Winderman is great and I wish the Chicago papers had a similar beat writer who also blogged. (K.C, get on this please.) But his argument in this post--that Ben Gordon is not the fearsome scorer LeBron James is--is a little off.

Winderman points out that Gordon was only 19th in scoring this year, which is true enough. But, uh, Ira, in points per minute, my man Ben was 14th, only four spots and (and one point per 48) behind King James. Ira's argument is that the Heat can't afford to double Ben and thus give Luol and Kirk the chance to hit open shots.

I doubt Riles reads Winderman's blog, much less take the advice proffered there, but let's hope he does. Double-teamed, Ben's averaging 25 ppg this series. And you want to leave Eddie Jones on BenGo one-on-one? Cool. Just make sure that when Shaq gets in foul trouble covering for EJ's blown-by-ass, you don't put the blame for the loss--and BenGo's 40 point night--on Riles.