Friday, April 20, 2007

Trib preview gone wrong ...

I've finally recovered from Wed. night. Took a day, but I'm ready to start thinking about how we match up against the Heat. I was happy to see the Trib's NBA Playoff Preview when I opened up the paper this morning. Sam Smith gets all wacky and has the Warriors beating the Mavericks and the Suns; in the East he has the Nets taking out the Rapts and the Cavs. I guess you have pick some upsets, but I think Bosh and Bargnani destroy the Nets.

To win the Bulls have to clog the post and make the Heat win with jump shots, with the exception of Kapono, I think that's the poison to pick. So as I was looking at three point shooting percentages in the Trib I see that Walker is shooting 0% from 3 and 43% from the line. I said both of these have to be hosed up, and of course, 'Toine has been jacking 3's, 305 of them, at 2 27.5% clip. But the 43% percent from the line was correct. Can I suggest hack-a-'toine?

So the Trib goofed on a bunch of the Heat's stats from 3. Can we get Sweets a copy editing gig over there?

The correct figures are -

Wade - 26.6%
Kapono- 51.4%
J- Will - 33.9%
Jones - 37.8
Walker - 27.5%
Posey - 37.5%
Payton - 26.0%

With Shaq at 59%, Mourning at 56% and Haslem at 49% from the field I hope Big Ben is ready to play some D.

On offense we ran to run Shaq in the full court and make him come out on the pick and pop, he's awfully slow these days to show and get back.


Blogger BenGo07 said...

I'd be surprised to see much Toine in this series, and if he is used, it'll be at the 4 spot, where he won't be able to launch ill-advised threes without conscience.

When it comes to the playoffs, Riles is kinda renown for going with a strict 8-to-9-man rotation, so I would imagine that outside the starters, we'll see Posey, Payton (if he's healthy), Zo and, if the Bulls play some zone, Kapono.

I also think the Bulls are lucky that Riles gave up on playing Dorrell Wright this year. He's one of the few young athletic players they have who can potentially match up well with the running Toros. (Recall that he had a nice game against the Bulls in the game at Chicago where Wade got injured early.)

4:27 PM  
Blogger BenGo07 said...

Also, aren't Posey and Jones' percentages from Three land--38 percent--very, very good? Not otherworldly good like Kapono, but it was my understanding that anything over 35 from three is considered excellent.

5:00 PM  
Blogger Big Sweet said...

Thanks for look out for me, Coach. I was at that game in December, and Wright had a very good second half. I also remember the Heat running the same plays they would for Wade, but instead Kapono got the ball. We made fun of this, until he hit everything (along with J-Will) and got them back in the ballgame. The less of him, the better I think.

12:33 AM  

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