Friday, April 06, 2007

Always Look On The Dark Side

A 30+ pt. win over our likely first round opponent, without three (Wallace, T-Time and Noce) of our top five frontcourt players. Our grasp on the East's second seed, if not solidified, then certainly not loosened. Another promising performance by Thabo (9 points, 9 boards). Kirk (20 pts., 6 boards, 5 assists) and Luol (24 pts., 12 boards) continued their run of truly excellent all-around play. And Ben Gordon bounced back from his recent mini-slump, shooting 50% from the floor en route to a game high 27. What's not to like?

How about the fact that Ben Gordon cannot get a call in this league to save his life? It's starting to get ridiculous. Guys, Violet: the kid averages 21.5 points a game. Per 48 min., Vince Carter averages 31.3; Ben averages 31.2, while shooting a better percentage. It's pretty simple, really. Ben Gordon is a star. It's damn well past time to start treating him like one and calling fouls when he gets mauled driving the lane.

That is all.


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