Monday, May 07, 2007

Things That Cannot Happen In Game 3

1) Ben Wallace (9), Andres Nocioni (10) and, yes, Tyrus Thomas (9) cannot take more shots than Ben Gordon (7). I don't care if he was in foul trouble in the first half. He nailed a tough shot to start the second half, then didn't take another one for 3 minutes. Then he went another 4 minutes without taking a shot (a three pointer, which he nailed.) He averaged 17.5 shots a game against the Heat. Foul trouble, better defense and having to play defense himself notwithstanding, he needs to take more than 7 shots a game for the Bulls to have a chance.

1a) It would be nice if Kirk would also take more than 7 shots a game, but even if he's limited to that, he cannot throw up a bagel.

2) The Bulls cannot get outrebounded by 21 boards, nor give up 15 offensive boards to Detroit. That is unacceptable.

2a) Kirk Hinrich cannot have more defensive rebounds (6) than Ben Wallace (5). Doug Collins' endless praise notwithstanding, that too is unacceptable.

2b) Rip Hamilton cannot have 4 offensive rebounds. That is a joke.

3) Ben Wallace's need to cover for his teammates getting blown by notwithstanding, Chris Webber cannot shoot 10 of 11 from the floor and average nearly a point (22) a minute (27).

4) The Bulls cannot shoot under 35 percent, much less 25 percent, from the 3 point line. For the most part, these have been wide open looks. Guys, you're professionals. Hit a fucking shot.

5) Any Bulls fans reading this post and attending Game 3 need to make sure that the Pistons cannot hear each other when they're playing defense, much less whatever Saunders is yelling to them. Returning home from the game with your voice intact is unacceptable.

6) The Bulls cannot go down 3-0 to this team of bitch ass punks. Tonight they took cheap shots from Maxiell, McDyess and Rip. Have some fucking pride and slap the smug ass smiles off their faces.

That is all.


Blogger Big Sweet said...

All good points, BG. You hate criticizing any one player when the effort is just so bad all around (especially two games in a row). But I have to say that Wallace's game was the most frustrating for me. There's no way he's playing like the second team all-defense. The athletic $60 mil defender can't pop out on Webber and then sink back in and find a body to block out? Seven fucking rebounds in almost 30 minutes? Six Pistons had at least that many.

Only good thing to take away? My namesake getting on the stat sheet!

10:56 PM  
Blogger Nels said...

All of the above points are valid, and the weak effort by the Bulls not withstanding, I can't help but think that it would have been much closer at the end of the first half if they Pistons hadn't been hitting some f-ing ridiculous shots. I can recall off-hand at least Chauncey's 26-footer and Rip Hamilton's Jordanesque triple-pump hanging in the air lay-up.

But I suppose if some poor defense didn't allow them them to get in the zone so early on, that would help make those shots bounce out instead of in.

10:44 AM  
Blogger Robert said...

Nocioni is a punk. The pistons have out classed the bulls. DETROIT BASKETBALL

2:27 PM  
Anonymous Justin said...

You forgot a point. The "baby bulls" need to hit the open shots. I don't expect the Piston to win tonight. I am a Pistons fan, but I am trying to not look through red,white and blue glasses. Having said all that I hope that every time Mr. tyrus thomas gets the big idea that he can just dunk over Madmax I hope he lays him on his butt.

3:05 PM  
Blogger BenGo07 said...

Justin, what part of the following paragraph was unclear to you?

The Bulls cannot shoot under 35 percent, much less 25 percent, from the 3 point line. For the most part, these have been wide open looks. Guys, you're professionals. Hit a fucking shot.

Also, Fuck Maxiell.

7:28 PM  

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