Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Thank You Isiah

I'm happy with the team staying put (I think they'll end up in the top three in the East), the Iverson deal is just a distraction; anyone who understands the Bulls knows that Garnett is the only player available who could take us to the championship level.

Garnett for P.J., Sweets, Noce, Gordon and maybe the '07 first rounder. That's essentially three starters if you figure that the $11 million in expires gets you a pretty damn good free agent.

So the Bulls look like -

B. Wallace/ M. Allen
Garnett/ T. Thomas
Deng/ Krappy
Duhon/ Grif
Kirk/ Sefo

That team wins the East and it solves the Bulls looming cap problems next year. They can't sign all three of Deng, Gordon and Noce. Sefo is the future at the 2 and Deng is going to be an all-star soon, the Bulls should sign him a to five-year extension right now.

It gives the Wolves -

Mike James/Hudson/ Foye
Gordon/ Jaric
Noce/ Ricky Davis
Craig Smith/ Sweets/
Mark Blount/ P.J.

Not bad. But next year they get one or two bigs in the draft, that $11 million free agent, trade some of the extra guards...

Mike James/ Foye
Gordon/ McCants
Noce/ Ricky Davis
$11 million/ Craig Smith
Mark Blount/ 1st round big man/ big man back up in trade

Pretty damn decent huh?


Blogger Big Sweet said...

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2:12 PM  
Blogger Big Sweet said...

Leave it to coach for the intense breakdown. That seems like it would be a great move for McHale, Fred "the mayor" Hoiberg and Co. Or as good as it could be when you lose one of the best players in the league. For the Bulls, you're relying a lot on Duhon (who has proven he can compete, but isn't stunning in any way) and the development of Tabo. To me, it's a little risky of a proposistion, but it could pay off huge dividends. If there would be some way to keep Gordon, that seems to be ideal.

2:14 PM  
Blogger Max on ESPN said...

As good as Garnett is, the Bulls need a scorer. Right now they rely on Ben Gordon to score and then 2/3s of Deng/Nocioni/Hinrich throw in 15-20.

The big knock on the bulls is that they have no post presence. What do you get from a post presence? Someone that people have to pay attention to in the lane, someone who will draw people's defenses in. Someone who draws fouls. Why does a team need this? Because let's say there are 3 different ways to affect a basketball game - outside shooting, inside play/drawing fouls defense. Each one is important, and while a team can win when they are missing one (bulls win w/ shooting, defense. suns win with both offensive cats), every championship team is effective in all three dimensions.

What am I saying? KG is a decent post player, but he is not much more of a scorer than Ben Gordon. You guys get AI and I will give you 1:1 odds at winning the east and maybe 1:5 odds of winning it all. Garnett is far from a sure hting, especially since hte wolves aren't totally bombing anymore. He's not as good of a fit either.

Fire skiles, loosen up, trade Deng and Gordon for AI and the sixers prolly take on a shitty contract from you as well. DO the bulls even have any?

7:01 AM  
Blogger Max on ESPN said...

oh and I meant to say that AI gets you the same thing a post presence does - free throws, attention from the defense, shots in the paint

7:03 AM  
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