Sunday, December 24, 2006


A solid win for the Bulls last night. I know it was beleaguered by Stacey on the broadcast, but when the Bulls guards get to the rim, it makes the offense WAY more efficient. It was all over after Ben's second quarter, where he hit everything -8 of 9 - in sight. Veteran Gerald Wallace had some kind words for Ben afterwards too.

"We were joking after the game, 'Was MJ out there tonight?'" Charlotte guard Gerald Wallace said. "It sure seemed like it. He's tough to guard. He just raises up and shoots whenever he wants to. And he's a great shooter. Plus he's a great penetrator, so it's kind of hard to defend him."

Kirk was sluggish again (perhaps he read BenGo's post and lost some confidence?) but it was nice to see Thabo pick up the slack, especially in that active second quarter. And it's always nice to come back to the United Center, where the Bullies are 10-0 against Eastern Conference squads.

Yet the biggest gift was getting the chance to play Charlotte, who looked downright awful. I really don't like the makeup of their team. They have a bunch of solid players that can't really score (Okafor, Wallace, Felton, Michigan's own B-Rob) and then some guys that can shoot it but do nothing else (Morrison, Carroll, Big-O). Only Mays and Knight can really do it on both ends, but Brevin isn't going to take over games and Mays is still developing. But as an avid college basketball fan, watching the Bobcats did get me thinking. Which NBA team could put together the best college all-star team? Now, I'm not talking retrospectivley; I mean the NBA players that were the most effective in the NCAA's.

After only quickly scanning some rosters, my first inclination is to go with the post-trade Nuggets. They are not deep, but their top five are scary good, with Iverson, Hodge, and a front line of Camby, Carmelo and K-Mart. Another solid squad without much depth is Miami. Simien, Shaq and Mourning could hang with the Nuggets big three and Wade and Kapono are a formidable backcourt (well, if it's Kapono pre-junior year). Two other teams that lack the star power but have lots of depth are also two bad Atlantic teams, the Celtics and the Knicks. The boys from Boston could play Tony Allen, the dominant Gomes, the Kandi man, Wally, Pierce, Delonte West and Powe, but they are disqualified for having the gunner that was Allen Ray and the bad shooting Rajon Rondo. The Knicks could throw out Francis, Marbury, Nate Robinson or Q-Rich at the guard and Frye, Jeffries or Balkman up front.

I'm sure I missed a few. Any thoughts?